Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Mongolian Style!

You're right, I really shouldn't start a blog post with a picture of a picture ( even if it is a picture of a moving picture - thus making it every so much more realistic!).  Regrettably, my invitation to the Royal Wedding was misplaced, so the "in person" shots just weren't available to me.  Of course, that did not mean I didn't celebrate!  What kind of colonial would I be if I didn't celebrate the wedding of the second in line to the throne of Canada? Being in Mongolia was, as it turned out, no impediment....thanks in large part to Robyn, our IWAM president who worked tirelessly to turn this into an opportunity to not only have a little fun, but raise money to help the disadvantaged here in Mongolia.

To start, we had both the red and the blue room at a local brew pub.  Lovely coincidence seeing as the  colours for the event were red, white and blue.  The dress code?  Women in tiaras, men in bow ties....well it was a royal wedding wasn't it...and this way every girl there got to be a princess... of sorts.

And, what is a wedding without a wedding cake?  One of our members, Monica, made this stunning and extraordinarily delicious wedding cake for us all to enjoy!  The cake toppers?  Thanks to the daughter of another of our members.  I loved them!
...and the tiaras?  They ranged from simple, elegant, wood nymph in pearls. the glam girls.... Barbie meets Star Trek meets medieval Mongolian monarch...all with just a touch of glitter thrown in for good measure....Oh, by the way, these are some of your IWAM board members and yes, this is the way we roll!

Throw in a little gypsy,  a little traditional elegant chapeau de fleur, some food, drinks, lots of friends and and t.v. event of the decade, (well... if you don't include the world championships of curling....) and you've got yourself a party!


All the fun and games aside, one of the purposes of the event was to  raise money to help out here at the end of the earth. To that end, IWAM got a percentage of the food and drink sold, gratefully accepted donations, had a silent auction and raffled a variety of lovely local and imported items - the coveted items, of course, were the memorabilia of the event itself which had been carried in by a dedicated Brit who wanted to help out our function!  Thanks to him...and a little luck, I am now the proud owner of ....

The "official" Royal Wedding Playing Cards.  Not even kidding.  Now, seriously, of all the perks from this overseas lifestyle, it doesn't get any better than this! So much fun!  Oh, and I also won a one month membership to a new and very flash gym here....likely a good idea given the quantity and frequency of dinners & drinks here.

A couple more lucky winners with their loot!

And, of course, there were a number of wannabe Mongolian Queens ...some much more convincing than others....Judy has the wave perfected!

And she's got something of a genetic advantage to rocking the look...

And I don't think you are going to top the serene queen look that she's got going on......unless.....'re a totally different kind of queen! Cute isn't he? It is a little unsettling though, how well he carries it off!

Well, the Royals are married ... only a couple of things left to make the celebration here in our corner of the world complete....
First, the cake!  Yum! 

And The Kiss!

What else can I say - looks like the deal is signed, sealed, and delivered... and they really looked the part of the future King and Queen.   According to one of the embassy staff who was in attendance ( who happened to know the royals..hmmn) they are  also a really nice couple in real life. Well, really, they must be - I mean, their first official trip outside the UK?  Canada.  Hmmn... maybe they are popping by my place to apologize for the oversight of not sending me my invite . You don't think so? Well, a princess can dream can't she?

So, what else is there to say?
 Best Wishes to you both from all of us here at the end of the earth. Oh, and one more piece of advice I suspect you could use.....

Illigitemus Non Carborundem


  1. If she is going to take him for half of everything, she should wait until he is king.....

  2. Great party; I hadn't realized there were so many wedding "treats"...playing cards? -giggle-

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