Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So let's talk inspiration.  Well, actually, let's talk about my inspiration - there are a couple of people I know who really have set an example of how to manoeuvre your way through this obstacle course called life with grace and dignity and generosity.  I hope that someday I too will be standing looking back on what I have accomplished and will be able to, like them, smile and be content with the way it has all gone. So who are these paragons of virtue that I so admire?  My parents.  Yup, schmaltzy but true.  We all ( and I do mean all!) just got together to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and I was struck by how much they have given to all of their kids, grand kids, great grand kids and, of course, sundry familial stowaways....also known as in-laws.

They are a beautiful couple and have arrived at this milestone with their sense of humour well intact.  Maybe that is a prerequisite for the journey.
The cake, crafted through a combination of discount shopping, the baking talents of my sister, the engineering talents of her son and a lot of luck.  Tasted good too!

 There are no celebrations at my parent's house that don't involve some home made music...again, maybe that is part of the secret recipe of a happy marriage...a family that plays together stays together?....

...Still the band leader...this one is intergenerational though - kind of cool.

Random hand holding...something I grew up watching and it hasn't faded....lovely.
All together - for the first time in a very long time!  We had people from up North, Quebec, all over BC and, of course, from Mongolia.  A really long trip for some of us - and the special prize goes to those who travelled 5000 or so miles with 3 1/2 kids - but really well worth it!
Family by any other name...

...and it appears that I am not the lone hobby photographer in the family.. here's the difference a generation makes.  My parents had six kids.  Between us we have been able to come up with seven-and here they are.  Doesn't she look lonely?  Tough job being the only girl cousin! 
They are doing their part to expand the family though...well, at least some of them are!...

 A couple of Mongolian vests for a little added sparkle...

 And it was lovely to see the "other" grandpas having a lovely time with their grandkids....

 Well....I did call this blog "Inspiration" now you know where I get my wacky sense of humour from!!  

Well, that's a peek at what 60 years of love looks like. Now it is time to pack up and head back to Mongolia and see if I can follow their example...25 down, 35 to go..yikes!!


  1. Oh thank you Julie...this made me miss them like crazy:) Don't they look wonderful... I really love your parents:) xoxo MJ

  2. Yup...they had a great day...low key and not too big of a shindig, but so much fun and so many connections renewed. Awesome.

  3. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your parents too Julie - thank you so much for writing about them in your blog!

  5. Hey Shelly and MJ...I told Mom what you said and she told me to tell you that they love you guys too!!