Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Week in the Mongolian Countryside....

Well...this is the month when winter reluctantly lets go of Mongolia and spring creeps least, theoretically.  In fact, this week we had 6 inches or so of snow on Sunday, which made for some lovely photo opportunities...

Like one of the many frozen logs in the river..
 and gorgeous, random chunks of ice strewn about after the river had a huge "heave" which left rising mounds of ice, large fractures and these pieces of unbelievably clear ice shards.

 This week we also had  a full moon,
 and a visit from 20 or so of the neighbour's horses...which made our little stable pretty crowded!

and afforded Baagii an opportunity to laugh at the neighbour trying to catch a couple of these horses so that the International Equestrian Club could take our usual Tuesday ride, although in this instance, it wasn't quite our usual Tuesday ride.  We were lucky enough to have an internationally renowned saddle maker ( and one or two of his saddles!) along as well as the Chief of the Mongol Derby - a 1000 KM race across Mongolia with different routes each year.  We had a wonderful ride...!
In the end, Salow got his horses...with a little help..

 ...from Maygaa  - Ronel's valient driver and, like so many Mongolian men,  erstwhile cowpoke...
 I'm not that sure that the horses enjoyed this game of  catch me if you can the corral!

Other big news out at the ranch this week?? Saraa & Baagii are the proud owners of...

 a Kia Bongo...4 wheel drive ...with A/C!!

 Much fun and posing..including this rare shot of Baagii at the wheel....
 If he really is going to drive he's going to have to get off his horse and go get his license!!
 So here's the plate number those of us living in Mongolia  need to be on the lookout for...and two VERY happy herders!
 Of course, life doesn't stop for new cars or great gallops across the winter iced steppe...and it was lovely to see the birds back out in full force...
 ..even if they were a little on the "puffy" side trying to stay warm at our balmy spring temperatures of -18!

All in all ... a lovely week out in the Mongolian countryside...

 ..for all of us - including the dogs!
And of course, there are never ending opportunities for cool shots of river ice.  Here's on of my favourites! Hope you had a good week too..wherever you are!


  1. Looks like a most lovely week. As always, thanks for the share..xo

  2. Hey there! i just started reading your fantastic blog. I have read the beginning and the end, but not the middle. Are you still collecting hats for the baby hospital?

    1. HI Bev, Yes we are still collecting...always collecting. We have ( unfortunately) an unlimited need. IWAM is now distributing to an additional 3 Mother and Child hospitals so if you have any hats you'd like to contribute, please feel free! And thnks for your kind words about the blog!

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