Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Beautiful Filly Arrives .... Life is Great Today Out at Khot Ail!!

Look what happened this morning at Khot Ail camp!

Yes, Baagii and Saraa's herd has increased by one! Sometime after 5:00 this morning  one of Baggii's mares, all alone, out in the far corner of the yard with no fuss, muss or warning  delivered her third foal ...
 A gorgeous curly looking little filly, who is full of  life!


These shots were taken when she was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 4 hours old which, if you are lucky enough to be born a Mongolian horse means, shortly before you get to go on your first outing!

 ..a 2 km round trip with the herd out to have a drink of  water!!
 I don't know how it is done in other places, but I was amazed to see that both mom and babe were taken along with the herd out to drink.  It is just turning to spring here and the river is still frozen, so, to get to the spot that has been kept open all winter is a trek of about 1 or 1.5 km...each way!!  The little one is very healthy and energetic...
 ...but after an hour or so of trotting after Mom 

  and helping Caikhnaa round up the was

 ...time for a little standing nap!

Of course, it was a big event for all of the animals out at Khot Ail...especially the proud Papa!! Yes, this long haired wonder is the stallion .  Mongolians don't cut the manes on stallions usually, which does make it easier to spot one in the huge free range herds that you run into from time to time!

And a couple of very curious members of the herd.  It was lovely to see how they all surrounded the pen and refused to leave just waiting to get a chance to meet the newest member of the family!

 And in case you're wondering, mama is hobbled because she has kicked her last two foals (which lead to a sudden and unfortunate end for the foals!) and Baagii is trying to stop it from happening to this little angel!
And here are a couple of close ups I've included for those curly horse people out there! As you have seen, neither the mother not the father are particularly curly, but this foal certainly seems to be!
 This is a bit of a mystery here in Mongolia though - a lot of foals here seem to be born with curls which they then, eventually lose or settle into being a wave in the tail and mane.  
This is last year's foal ( same stallion) who also seems to have some curls left.  I  need someone much more knowledgeable than me to come out and give me an opinion as to whether or not we have some curly genetics going on here...any takers??

 I will vouch for the fact that she certainly is soft though! This was such a special morning for me.  The first truly new born foal I've had a chance to meet and be around. Having come to the "horsey" world late in life, this is all a tremendous learning curve and  just a wonderful experience.  So much fun!

 I really hope she keeps this startling RED mane!  It will be gorgeous!

 And I do wonder how long Dad and the rest of the clan are going to hang around the corral gate!  It was so cute - the stallion was really riled up and spent most of the morning either staring at his new baby or rounding up all of the other mares to make sure he had his whole harem!  My first experience with a 
horse "new Dad"... I'm pretty sure he would have been handing out cigars if he could have!

 Anyway, it looks very much like mom and babe are both doing just fine.  And I'm so happy that I happened to be out at the ger for the happy event!
Isn't she just beautiful??  And there are 5 more to come... ashgui ashgui ashgui dee!  .. or ...Hooray!